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tv   9 News at 6am  NBC  October 6, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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. right now eastbound i-70 is back open at silver thorn. there have been a lot of crashes there which is why it had been closed for a time. look over that red live symbol on the bottom of your screen. you can see the snow falling there reflecting in the the issue though is the snow that's accumulated on the road and slick layer underneath it. traction laws are in effect for both directions of i-70 between veil pass and copper mountain. all passenger vehicles required to show mud tires or chains this the point. same thing for u.s. loveland pass this morning. this had been closed because of so many crashes. it since reopened. we'll keep an eye on it. it's kind of messy. in the metro, going to be a wet
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morning. martie is tracking the rain moving in this morning. umbrellas had quite the workout already. we want to start with hurricane matthew. that's the big weather story. overnight, it strengthened as it pounded the bahamas. right now packing winds of 115 miles per hour. the category 3 storm could ramp back up to category 4 making its way to the united state tracking the latest developments. this would be the strongest storm to hit the united states in more than a decade. >> it would be. it's been more than ten years since florida has seen a category 3 storm. matthew could be a category 4 before it reaches that state. at one point, it reached category 5 across the caribbean. high winds in the bahamas and before that, it hit haiti hard.
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dramatic damage as people tried desperately to fight flood waters nearly gets swept away this is what people in the states are trying to avoid. officials are warning several states to get out. emergency evacuations in carolinas, florida, georgia. 12 million people could ben the path of danger. state leaders are urging people to evacuate now. so many are trying to drive out of the storm's path. fuel is hard to come places. they're heeding the warning to leave. >> my plan is head to columbia and stay with a coworker and wait out the storm and hopefully come back and be glad that i left. >> glad he's getting out. this is the damage that the storm left behind in cuba. 35,000 people were evacuated there. this is the eastern most city in that country. see dozens of homes, roofs ripped off, lots of damage in
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>> we don't have anything new from the bahamas yet. it's just going through. we'll see similar situations unfortunately. here's the latest on hurricane matthew. it's a strong storm south of nassau and bahamas. 125 miles per hour winds with the new update. this is a strong category 3 hurricane. it is forecast to strengthen to category 4 strength making landfall or near landfall tomorrow morning along the east coast of florida. moving along the east coast florida, georgia, south carolina by late friday evening and curving up along the carolinas through the day saturday and even into early sunday before it finally curves back out to the atlantic. along with storm surge, winds up to 140 miles per hour. we could see upwards of a foot to a foot and a half of rain along the coast, especially
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the carolinas during the course of this weekend. it's just going to be a tremendously impactful storm in the south eastern u.s. it's a good thing folks have so much warning. >> absolutely. a lot of rain there in a short amount of time for sure. thank you. matthew was a category 4 when it battered a remote area of haiti. rescuers are struggling to get to those that need help. a key bridge cut off a large part of the country. it was video shows people swept in the raging river as they try to cross it. some living on the island say ge worse than the 2010 earthquake. 23 in haiti have died. head of csu tropical meteorology project calls matthew unusual. he says storms that lit this late in the season tend to hit the west coast of florida not
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years, almost 40,000 days. he says the timing is contributing to how intense it's going to be. >> when you get storms storms in the caribbean late in the season, it's very warm down there. you can get the wind shear and pressures and other patterns for intense storms. >> october 20th he says is usually the time hurricane activity slows dramatically. coming up in the where more than a million are told to evacuate. back here at home, traffic is starting to pick up. tracey is picking up for amelia this week. she's in the weather center. rain and snow, a lot to talk about today. >> good morning. newspapers you early morning accidents across the -- many
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this area. traffic going around this wreck as they clean it up. here's a look at i-25 headed southbound north of the metro area. you're already seeing early morning delays, speeds slowing down. average speeds slowing down. going to be stop and go as you approach that accident. that's at i-25 southbound and thornton parkway. one lane blocked. that's the middle lane. we're going to continue to deal with wet roadways. we've had numerous accidents across the metro area. we're going to monitor that high countr well. >> okay, thank you much. police in aurora need help finding whoever shot and killed this man. this is miguel who was shot last wednesday in the head, a day after his 22nd birthday. he died a few days later. anybody with information should call 720913 stop, remain anonymous and could be eligible for a $2,000 reward.
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cleaned up. police say the danger has passed. students hope to have a quiet day on campus, one day after a man yielding a knife was shot and killed by police on campus. the man was in his early 20ss and recently discharged from the marines. police say he threatened a person in the champion center close to the football field. he followed the person inside. police confronted him in the stairwell and shot him whene we're working to find out more about this man and whether he was a student. the shooting was a prelude to more chaos on campus. two more threat alerts went out after 911 calls about gunshots being fired. hundreds of students ran out of the memorial center. it turned out to be a hoax, but that didn't stop rumors from spreading. police were address these as
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the emergency system had been hack into. it was all untrue. cu put a post on facebook last night addressing each one of them. a hero from fort carson was killed in afghanistan. staff sergeant adam thomas was killed tuesday by an iad. he was in the 10th special forces group. sergeant thomas joined in 2008 and is a bronze star ande heart recipient. he received multiple army accomodation medal as well as the national defense service medal. > fire crews are making progress in fighting the fire in southern colorado, now 50% contained. this morning, some vac -- some evacuees may go back to neighborhoods. it's near bulah.
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the lines trying to get full containment. raining this morning, will continue through the early part of this rush hour this morning through 9:00 or 10:00. then we'll start breaking things up a little later. anticipating the rain to stop before noon here for the metro area. could go later up near fort collins in the early afternoon. going to be a cool day for us. slow decreasing in mountain areas. focusing more on the front range. e it brings drier air in for the afternoon. it's wet this morning, drier this afternoon. we have really good showers going on on the northwest side of the metro area. coming up in a second, we'll look at the weekend and see if it's shaping up to be warm. >> okay. it's a good thing we're getting rain. we have been so dry. that's a good thing. no one will have to sit alone in a school lunchroom again. that's the idea behind the app created by the teen who has
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bullying herself. . >> there's either a really big party taking place in downtown denver tonight or just the beginning of the great american beer festival. people are getting taste buds
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. raining will continue to do that the next two to three hours. we have pretty good rain going on in the northwest side of denver, wheat ridge, lakewood and nevada also greeley and central weld county. the back edge of this cold air, this cold front moving through, it's kicking off rain and snow. see how dry it is on the back side. that's coming through for the afternoon. beyond it, no new storms. looking at dry conditions after today. morningwe showers late this afternoon especially from nun, pearce, fort collins, toward the wyoming line. as far as snow goes, mostly this morning. heavier up around the estes park and rocky mountain national park areas. down through black hawk central cities, 1 to 3 inches on the grass and this morning. a cool day. even when it clears.
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statewide, we continue to see snow and mountain areas through the northern mountains through late in the day. very heavy rain from the front range to north eastern colorado up i-76 this afternoon. going to stay very cool in the northeast and front range. today, 55. clearing this afternoon. tonight it is a freeze coming tomorrow morning. this time tomorrow morning, we'll be at or below freezing. around the area, we warm it up for . a very active morning out there already on the roadways. we have an accident on i-25 southbound right near thornton parkway. it's blocking the middle lane still. traffic scooting around it. delays backing up to 120th avenue. add extra time this morning. early birds try to avoid the traffic. with accidents, going to take a long time throughout the day. that's the accident, one lane
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we have another accident on santa fe headed northbound for this accident. three lanes blocked. this is northbound just after iowa. expect major delays here with three lanes blocked. >> tracey, thank you. the super bowl of beer is finally here. today marks the start of the great american beer festival the annual event brings beer lovers from around the world to denver to samp it will best from brewery across -- to sample the best beer from breweries across the country get ready to see a lot of pretzel necklaces >> oh yes. look at this, a sea of kegs. this is probably hundreds and hundreds. just a small amount of what people will go through over the next couple days. 60,000 people will be here over the next three days. you have more than 800 breweries
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it's not just colorado people it's beer from everywhere you can try. visitors get to sample more than 3800 beers. can your stomach handle that? some are putting thumbs up in the air saying oh yeah. the beverage industry added 1600 jobs over the past five years. not just beer, talking coffee and spirits too. in colorado, a leader in the country in the craft beverage movement, ranking third in the nation for number breweries. the tickets sold out in 67 minutes. there's tickets available on secondary websites like stubhub. there are so many other activities happening throughout the weekend because of this, i don't think you'll have to worry about enjoying good beer any place. if you didn't get tickets, take that money and go to your your own tour.ado town and do
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breweries here. do your own fun this weekend. >> yep. a few kegs behind you. i was trying to count them. i lost track there. oh my goodness. >> six on a pallet. >> thanks for that. appreciate it. it's 6:17 now. bullying in schools is a real problem in america. one teen is hoping to change the exclusive culture of school lunchrooms. >> where you sit in the cafeteria is crucial. >> coming up, we'll tell
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. more and more are dying this year. car crashes continue to climb. there's a 7.2% jumpt are driving more than ever before. 6:20 now the fbi says nsa contractor not only stole highly classified information. a defense lawyer says martin did not intend to betray the country. three years ago, another
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edward snowden stole classified documents and leaked them. the clear favorite is portugal's former prime minister who thread refugees agency a decade. if confirmed, he'll take over the post from moon early next year. 6:21. a student knows all about a student he doesn't want to be bullied. natalie was one of those kids and created an app called sit with us. students can use it schedule lunch at a table where they know they'll be welcome. >> it's like e invite but it's
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sigh of relief. >> it's for more inclusion in lunchrooms. bullying drops 30% when student peers get involved in campaigns like this one. they're hoping this will take off. it's great for someone who experienced it to be the one who develops it. >> you wouldn't think of it unless you were part of hit. >> that's genius. just a terrific idea. >> a smart app. we have the music that makes us want to get up and mine. >> the boss would be yours. >> yep. >> so this next one is awesome. when our dogs start head banging, you know it's a catchy song. you don't want to miss this it's made all of our mornings today. first, a check on weather and traffic. around here, rain this morning. the general trend is clearing west to east. snow in the mountains, front range mountains. we'll transition t raino over the plains.
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the day for northern colorado to clear up very important tonight, tomorrow morning. this time tomorrow morning, we're anticipating freezing conditions throughout the eastern plains. temperatures could go down to 20s in some places on the front range. if you have the garden hose hooked up outside, might be a good day to let it unhook and let drains get water out of there. an early start with numer this morning. here's a check with i-25 southbound and thornton parkway. we do have an accident and the middle lane is blocked. you can see the police cars out there. you can see skirting around this accident. traffic speeds dropping down to the single digits. we have another accident on santa fe or u.s. 95 northbound after iowa. three lanes blocked here. those delays last for some time.
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. welcome back. to big shows coming to denver next year. people are hyped up against this. bon jovi going to be at pepsi center march 14th the band is about to relesion
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tickets go on show next week. this will be big too. faith hill is going on tour with her husband tim mcgraw. ten years since last time they toured together. tickets go on sale for that show. >> i saw soul to soul 1 with them ten years ago. >> it was good. >> it's taking everything in me not to sing a faith hill song right now. >> you've been singing all week. >> i would go to that concert for sure. this guy we can head banging bulldog rocking out. look how happy he is. wait for hit. >> he's getting into it. he is feeling it. >> his friend looks less than immuzeed.
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>> he has serious head banging going on. >> if that's his owner, he knows that one rip. he does it over and over. >> his friend is ready to walk away like i can't stand this anymore. >> enough with the dancing. >> got to love a bulldog that appreciates rock-n-roll. we're going to take a break. lots more coming up.
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. good morning. eastbound i-70 is back open at silver thorn. it was closed this morning because of multiple crashes up there it's been slowing hard. traction laws are in effect for both directions of 70 between vail and copper mountain. all passenger vehicles required have snow or mud tiresr same thing for loveland pass this morning. in the denver area, going to be a wet drive to work and school too. rain has moved in. it's been coming down good in some parts of the city. >> people in cuba are trying to see what is left after hurricane matthew tore through the eastern part of the island. winds more than 115 miles per hour pummeled the towns,
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it moves past the bahamas. >> the hurricane is getting stronger. as many as 12 million americans will feel its effects. in south carolina, massive traffic as people try to get out before matthew arrives. all lanes of the highway are traveling in the same direction just away from the coast the governor is telling people if you don't leave we can't say you. that's the message to about a million pe >> 632 this morning. a million in florida also told to get out this morning. warning area expanded overnight. this is the strongest storm we have seen headed toward the u.s. in almost a decade. sarah is live at daytona beach, florida this morning with more on the threat. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you here in daytona beach.
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storm. things expected to change dramatically. any diversion in the path to its west could bring catastrophic impact here to this area. many people are preparing for it. they're ready for what's to come. >> along the southeast coast, it's time to pack up out. >> this could be the biggest evacuation in state history. >> we can not save you. >> people along the coast filling up their their tanks. a state of emergency in florida, georgia and carolinas. in south carolina, both lanes of
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add way from vulnerable areas. >> we'll stay with a coworker, wait out the storm. hopefully come back and be glad i left. >> millions are racing to get out of the storm's path while matthew moves closer and closer to the coast >> according to the latest storm path, the worst of this storm is expected to move over the daytona beach area tonight through friday morning something we'll keep our eyes on. in the meantime, schools, government buildings are closed the next several days. >> sarah, thank you so much. air travel could be disrupted for day across the country becausemuyi of hurricane matthew. the airport in fort lauderdale is closed and will stay closed until after the storm passes. airlines are waving change fees.
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cities they serve in the southeast. if you're traveling or know someone who is, best advice is keep checking with your airline. haiti is facing the worst disaster since the e there six years ago. helicopters have been over the country showing us that so much is gone. houses that were made of tin and concrete blocks didn't stand a chance. there's flooding and mudslides. rescuers cannot get to many peopho morning. right now at least 23 have died in haiti. that will likely grow over the next several days. infrastructure in haiti, cuba very fragile. there's a chance this could get stronger. >> if you could have a category 4 storm which is possible with this storm in florida and parts of georgia and carolinas, it
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structure is. it could be damage to destroyed. here's the latest hurricane matthew, south of nassau and bahamas. category 3 storm, forecast to strengthen over warm water late tonight. this is a new storm track moving slightly further east. still a possibility that it will make landfall in florida. still a category 3 storm. could make landfall in georgia or south carolina evening. weakening but raking the coast with strong storm surge, wind and rain. it's sunday before it starts to move out. this isn't just a one day event. this is a multiday event. strong some surge, winds -- strong storm surge, winds up to 115 miles per hour. rain that could get up to a foot and a half jacksonville toward cape hatteras. that's where we see the heavier
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i was just thinking f we didn't have moderate weather forecasting and no one knew this was coming, imagine the devastation in that case. it's a good thing we have what we have. a difficult drive out there this morning on the roadways. we've battled rain and numerous accidents blocking several lanes. here's a look at i-25 headed southbound. it's moved over to the side. now blocking a couple right lanes. last check, only a single extra 40 plus minutes, over an hour now, to that drive time. your average speeds dropping down to single digits. this could continue to get worse on the roadways. >> another accident. santa fe and iowa, three lanes blocked causing major issues and another accident on i-225 northbound.
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u.s. 6. very busy morning across the metro area. >> is it ever,kay, thank you. the police officer accused of killing a driver in a road rage crash says it wasn't his fault. the report says blare jackson pleaded not guilty. he was off duty when he crash into 39-year-old month refugee no's pickup truck. on highway 85 near platville in june, the truck moreno was killed. according to court records, jackson says moreno was at fault. rvs can't get up and drive themselves. the colorado dealer knows they did not leave his locality on their own. somebody stole then. they hope someone spots rvs taken tuesday night. they were all brand new and worth a total of almost $2 million.
6:39 am
showing the rvs entering and leaving the lot f. you have information, you're asked to call police. >> you see a man holding the gate open. my goodness. it's 6:39 now. we're waiting to learn the name of a woman who died after a semi hit her on i-70 wednesday. troopers say she pulled over on the shoulder of the road to switch places with her passenger when the semi hit her and the car. the passenger survived. the semi hospital to get checked out. >> it's been three years since floods devastated the flood of lions. federal authorities wanted to do it right. it led to a investigation in the small town. two town leaders are now on leave. >> that's right. the town administrator and town clerk are on pave administrative leave. this comes after federal authorities searched the town
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found the mayor announced the federal authorities were looking for documents. the newspaper reports earlier this year, there was an audit of how the town was spending $36 million public assistance grant for flood recovery. the department of homeland security found decision makers and town were not familiar with fema's policies. as a result, they did not comply with rules when it came to securing contracts for fema funded work. that led to a request that fema direct the state to monit t fund. that could be the reason behind tuesday 's office search by federal authorities. the town consented to that search. the mayor says the town is committed to being transparent about how it manages funds for flood recovery. >> this morning we're talking about snow. yesterday, we featured snow guns at loveland. snow guns are getting help this morning, this is their web
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cam, snow cam at loveland snow area. we're starting to see the tail end of this snow move over the continental divide. moderate to heavy rain on north side of town, moving up through portions overbolder and weld county this morning. really raining heavily on the north side of town. rain in northern weld this morning. rainfall amounts could go up to three quarters of an inch. tremendous rain for to the north. i mentioned earlier on, the snow forecast from the i-70 to north foot hills, 2 to 5 inches of snow. in the foothills one to three inches. little higher tree line with the ski area at 4. >> been a long time since we had a morning like this. it started opening thangivi 22. this year the biggest mall in
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president obama's approval rating is at the highest of his second term according to the orc poll. his current approval rating is
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term high and hits the level president obama has hit twice since end of first year in office. this poll continues a trend where his approval rating has been at 50% or higher in cnn polls since february. both donald trump and hillary clinton are preparing for the second presidential debate on sunday. today clinton is behind closed doors studying up on policies while trump holds town hall in new hampshire. half the questions come from the audience. with the debate on sunday. we'll hair -- we'll air on channel 20 it bumps up football scheduled to air that same time. some from around the globe are con at beer festival starting today. colleen is there this morning. she is not sipping on beer but
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huge event. good morning. >> there are many ways to serve here here at the great american beer festival. this happens to be in the round, very cool. look at this contraption. these guys are from texas. a lot of colorado brewers here. we wish them the best of luck this weekend. i want to talk about this festival. we have the chief economist for the brewer's association. thanks for being here, waking up early. >> you're going to have a couple to colorado every year? >> denver estimated $28.6 million impact to city of denver last year. 60,000 visitors, great event. half are coming in from out of state, generating economic activity for the city. >> you're doing more studies too. the number would go up this year. >> that doesn't include a lot of other activities that happened, beer dinners, events that have sprung up around the festival.
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>> we are biased to colorado brewers here. how does colorado stand among the rest of the country as far as craft brewers. >> it's one of the leading states in terms of brewers. we have more than 300. whether you measure in absolute. colorado ranks top three either way you measure it. >> such a great festival. this is the only place in country they have this. you said it started off with how many brewers? >> about 20. only 800 inten dees. this year we have as many breweries in the festival hall than there were people here the first year. >> we love tha and the impact it has on our state. thank you so much. have a great weekend. what's even better than the american brew festival, it's not getting a dui.
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the convention center. make smart decisions and have fun this weekend guys. yes, that is a requirement. be careful on the roads. this morning, raining heavily from west side of town, two-thirds an inch per hour. you get up around thornton and north glenn toward brighton. it's raining at a rate more than an inch per hour. that's a downpour coming through the front r edge of this rain and snow move over the continental divide. we'll see drying conditions over the course of the morning. by 10:00, things start breaking up. by noon to 1:00, clearing in the metro area. it stays cool throughout the day. remember we have the snow going on in mountain areas. might even see snow in nebraska pan panhandle late tonight, tomorrow
6:49 am
snow at the loveland ski area. >> with the rain across the metro area, numerous accidents another area we're seeing major delays is i-225 as you head north. multiple accidents around cull fax and 6. it's going to be stop and go until that traffic can get through. i-225 south and northbound. you're goings to have a rough drive this morning. we have a couple accidents i-25 southbound. couple lanes blocked, and we're backed up to 120th. thank you so much. it's not always fun to think about inheriting the state of a loved one that passed away. it's always good to be prepared. that's why we're all about that issue today. you can call, get questions answered about estate planning, inheritance, financial planning
6:50 am
call. 500 stores in one mall. biggest in america every one is closed on typically one of the biggest shopping days of year. the hall of america will close on thanksgiving so employees can be home with loved o that decision affects 15,000 people that work at the mall the a few security and maintenance workers will be on hand that day. most will go home and enjoy it. >> finally some sense. >> that's a great idea. >> maybe the biggest small will get some of the smaller ones to. >> first thing friday morning, 5:00 a.m. >> line up. >> there will be a line guaranteed. even years have been very good to san francisco giants. they have won the world series three of last six years, all in even years. so will it continue for 2016? it could. they beat the mets in the
6:51 am
last night. bumgarner through a jam. giants play the cubs in divisional series. that will be a big one. >> baseball players are so superstitious. they may be leaning on that more. it could have an effect on play for 2016. >> they're a good team. so are the cubs. halloween is almost here.
6:52 am
? amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. with sleep number, you choose the exact firmness and comfort you want olumbus day sale going on now! save $400 on the queen c4 mattress set, with 24 month financing and free home delivery. learn more at
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. an update on that crash. all lanes reopened. traffic getting through but compensating for that accident. only one lane of traffic was getting through for some time. right now all lanes reopened. we'll continue to have to slowly make our way through that area. across the metro area, numerous accidents, a couple along i-25. we have one on santa fe blocking several lanes. numerous accidents on i-225 headed northbound. at north all the way back past mississippi. in the high country, we're battling weather elements. we have the traction laws in effect. you need four wheel drive, snow and mud tires. now the pass is closed. >> thank you tracey. snow up on highway 285. a big issue. we knew we would see some of that around you. we need to back up for you and get back to beginning of the sequence. being out here in the backyard,
6:55 am
front range now. very heavy rain from the central part of metro denver along highway 85 snow continues in the mountains. very heavy in jeffco and park county. this afternoon, drier air moving in. no significant systems this morning. rain clearing this afternoon. i'm clearing up the clock with the umbrella in the backyard. we'll sh snow forecast again above the 8,000-foot level. 1-3 inches in foot hills. little bit heavier in rocky mountain national parring and along the continental -- national park and along the continental divide. 50s for you today with 40s in the foothills. we'll catch you up coming up on channel 20. morning rain clearing this afternoon. temperatures in the 50s.
6:56 am
30s. we warm back up with a warm, dry weekend ahead. >> all right martie. thank you much. here's a look at top stories we're following today. hurricane matthew ons way to the united states -- on its way to the united states. florida, georgia, carolinas bracing for this storm. matthew, a cat 3 right now. could be a cat landfall. police are looking for the suspect who shot and killed this man. he was shot in the head the day before he turned 22 years old. anyone with information, call crime stoppers and could receive a reward. in june, blare jackson was off duty when he crash into
6:57 am
highway 85. his pick up rolled over, and he died at the scene. witnesses say the two were tailgating and cutting each other off before that crash. jackson says the other man caused the crash. 6:57. firefighters have made progress on the fire southwest of pueblo. the bellah hill fire burned eight homes, more than 5,000 acres. homeowners are slowly both areas are still threatened. the campus at cu cu boulder
6:58 am
hoax. an rv dealer hopes someone might spot these trailers. all three were brand new norm enormous north $2 million. this is surveillance video showing the rvs driving out through the gate. somebody on the left side of the screen holds the gate as they leave. if you see these brand new rvs and think they might be the ones that were stolen, police would like to >> rain and snow this morning, freezing tomorrow morning we warm up for the weekend. little front coming through tuesday of next week. it does not stick around. looking unbelievable warm and dry with temperatures in the upper 70s. sounds good. it's never too early to think halloween, right? >> nope. >> steve spangler is here. >> by the time end of october hits, i'm usually blowing up
6:59 am
twitter is saying tell me about the dry ice. we'll put it out early. go to your local general store or grocery store. they have dry ice. look at you. how can you do it in one minute? we'll go over it and talk about it. >> it's really cold. >> 110 below 0. you always use warm water. the warmer the water, the better. here's yours. >> i love the reason why is because you can point those. don't move. point it. the water doesn't come out but the frozen car box dioxide will come out. >> once you get the soap inside, now you have a thing you can't stop. >> hello. >> we're going to have color changing potions. everything i can think of with
7:00 am
>> going over to channel 20 more fun with dry ice. we'll see good morning, breaking news, hurricane matthew powering up. now, expect it to land in florida tonight as a powerful category 4. >> this is no joke. all of the models show this hitting a big part of t if you're in the strike zone and your officials tell you to get out, get out. >> full, live coverage as matthew bears down on the bahamas and makes its way toward the u.s. >> candid kaine. hillary clinton's running mate acknowledges he may have been too aggressive. >> i got dinged for interrupting too much. >> as donald trump pats himself on the back for his running mate's performance.


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